To assign an exact date to this sword is very difficult. This type of sword was once thought to be from the later Middle Ages. Recent scholarship has shown that a much earlier date should be applied to many of this type of sword. The leading expert on medieval swords comments that it could be from as early as 1100 to as late as 1250.á
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Encyclopedia of historical weapons

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A flat plate of leather or parchment (square, round or diamond-shaped) which tied to the point of the shoulder. Worn be­tween 1250-1350 to…
Close-fitted helmet with a visor and hinged cheek coverings. More sofisticated than bascinet and less sofisticated than…
Arming sword
Also short sword. Single-handed weapon which looks like a simple longsword. Attached to the a knight’s belt.
Also called Harquebus, Hackbut or Hagbush. A short gun used by infantry throughout the sixteenth and early seventeenth…

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