5 CD pack

Get 5 CD full of best quality medieval music

We are offering to all our customers as a special gift for the year 2009 a pack of 5 CDs for a special price:

45 USD/á40 Euro

The set includes:

KRLESSá - Hoyetoe

KRLESS - Troubadours of the Middle Ages


GOTHART - Stella Splendens

PSALTERIA - Scalerica O┤oro

Encyclopedia of historical weapons

From Encyclopedia

Open-faced helmet with a specific almond shaped top (also called a pear shape) with a little point. Most popular with foot…
Mitten gauntlet
A gauntlet with articulated transverse lames cover­ing the fingers, rather than the fingers each being separately pro­tected by a series of…
Also military fork. Consists of two parts - a long haft and a head. Head comes in many forms - most often two parallel or slightly "V"…
Helmet with (usually) a hinged visor and a long tail for protecting the back of the neck. Comes in many forms. In England known as a …

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